CHEMISTRY creates the materials of everyday life and helps drive the economy of New Jersey and the nation.

Chemistry faculty are central to initiatives that address some of the most pressing global challenges such as developing drugs to help cure cancer and AIDS, designing next-generation solar materials, and identifying novel synthetic approaches for sustainable manufacturing.

We invite you to make a gift to help make a difference to Rutgers’ Chemistry and Chemical Biology students and faculty by supporting one of the following dedicated annual funds:

  • Student Support Fund: Supports undergraduate and graduate students by providing travel stipends, research funds, and awards for exceptional teaching and research.
  • Chair’s Fund: Supports departmental initiatives that promote academic excellence, including workshops, seminars, and technology upgrades.
  • Laboratory Fund: Supports laboratory renovation, new instrumentation for undergraduate lab classes, and state-of-the-art facilities for high impact research.
  • Globalization Fund: Supports development of new exchange programs, as well as funding for existing international exchange initiatives with Brazil, China, India, Korea and Africa.

Our vision for the future development of the department includes new graduate fellowships, undergraduate scholarships, and the construction of a much-needed new building to house the department and strengthen our mission of research, education, and public service.

You can support this program by making a secure online donation.