Pre-requisite Overrides

A student needs a pre-requisite override when the course is open but a student does not have or does not seem to have all pre-requisites. If the student does not have the pre-requisites, then it is up to the instructor of the course to approve admission. If the student does not seem to have all the pre-requisites, but does in fact have them, we will check the student’s transcript and act accordingly. This situation usually arises when students transfer into Rutgers, and our registration system does not recognize the equivalence of a transferred course to one of our own.

For more information regarding registration and closed courses, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Special Permission Numbers (SPNs)

A student needs a special permission number when a course appears to be closed. Courses can be closed for several reasons:

  • No space: The classroom or laboratory is full. In this case, regulations from the fire department rule. We will put your name on a waiting list, with priority given to students who need the course for a timely graduation.
  • Invitation only: Please refer to the instructor for approval.
  • By arrangement: Independent Study and Honors Research, for example, require an approved application before registration can occur.

FAQs: Special Permission Numbers

Please read carefully before applying for an SPN.

  • What is an SPN? An SPN (Special Permission Number) is a 6 digit code that allow students to register for a closed or restricted section. When entered into the online registration system, the SPN helps you gain access to closed courses. Please know that applying for an SPN does not mean that you are guaranteed to receive one.

  • How are Special Permission Numbers assigned? SPNs are assigned based on seniority, amount of cumulative credits, and availability.

  • The course I want to register for is closed, should I request an SPN? If the course you want to register for is closed, keep checking the University Schedule of Classes for openings. Due to large demand for our courses, constraints on room size, and limited number of open seats, we are unable to issue SPNs for closed courses.

  • The section I want to register for is closed, can I request an SPN for that specific section? Students trying to add a closed section should also keep checking the University Schedule of Classes to see if the desired section opens. Please do not request an SPN for a specific section when other sections of the course are still open.

  • What determines the assignment of SPNs? SPNs will only be issued for specific and/or extraordinary situations.

  • If I didn't use my SPN, can I give it to another student to use? If you decide not to use your assigned SPN, please contact the department immediately via email to let us know. We will re-assign the SPN to another student who did not previously receive one. Students who give their assigned SPNs to other students will be penalized and risk not being assigned any future SPNs.

  • Do I need to fill out the SPN application for internships and independent study? DO NOT use the SPN application form for internships and/or independent study. DO NOT contact instructors to be added to their classes. DO NOT call the office to request SPNs.

SPN Application (Currently Open for Fall 2024) 

Apply for a Fall 2024 SPN