BASF Corporation, the Catalysts Division and Heterogeneous Catalysts Research (GCC) is continuing their one-year fellowship for a high-achieving chemistry graduate student in his/her third or fourth year of study in the Rutgers-New Brunswick Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. 

This fellowship reflects BASF Corporation’s strong commitment to support chemistry education and further solidifies their relationship with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Dr. Bob Ianniello, Vice President, Analytics & Services in the Catalysis Research Division of BASF Corporation, worked closely with Professors Jean Baum, John Brennan, Roger Jones, and Eric Garfunkel in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology to establish criteria for this award.

At yesterday's event, Karin Calvinho, the 2016-17 Fellow, gave a talk about her research. Our 2017-18 Fellow, Tariq Bhatti, gave a brief introduction on the research he will be doing while on the fellowship.


Karin’s research focuses on developing earth-abundant heterogeneous catalysts for the carbon dioxide electroreduction to liquid and gaseous fuels. This technology offers the unique promise to store energy from intermittent electricity sources (solar and wind, for example) as carbon neutral fuels – and hopefully will help to solve the energy challenge while also decreasing the effects of climate change. Karin is currently in her fourth year in our PhD program and her advisor is Dr. Charles Dismukes. 


Tariq is in his third year in our PhD program and is currently working on researching catalytic applications of strong bond activation by organometallic pincer complexes and exploring selective catalytic pathways for production of para-xylene and dimethylnaphthalene in Dr. Alan Goldman’s lab. 

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 29 Aug 2022;
 10:30AM - 03:30PM
 ORIENTATION: New Student Welcome Session, Pchem Placement Exam
 30 Aug 2022;
 10:30AM - 03:30PM
 ORIENTATION: Organic and Inorganic Placement Exams
 31 Aug 2022;
 01:30PM - 03:30PM
 ORIENTATION: Biochemistry Placement Exam

*NEW* The Laboratory for Biomaterials Research recently joined CCB. LBR is a leader in the field of combinatorial polymer biomaterials science and draws on chemistry, materials science, biology and engineering studies to develop new biomaterials.

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Remsing Receives NASA Funding

Remsing Group Receives NASA Funding

The Remsing Group received funding from NASA's Exobiology program for their work on understanding molecular driving forces for the chemistry of weird life on Titan.