Jean and student 8a6e5

Data can be processed at the spectrometers
and retrieved via a dedicated FTP site.









Andy and Nagarajan a7ced


Fast Spinning probes such as this one
for the 600 MHz spectrometer
enable 1H detected experiments
for solid samples. 








Comp lab 58abf


With all spectrometers running the same software version,
it is easy to switch between them as the need arises.










Protein NMR Experiments

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*NEW* The Laboratory for Biomaterials Research recently joined CCB. LBR is a leader in the field of combinatorial polymer biomaterials science and draws on chemistry, materials science, biology and engineering studies to develop new biomaterials.

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PhD Candidate Jonathan Stoeber Interviewed by Nanotech NYC

Jonathan Stoeber

Nanotech NYC sat down with Jonathan Stoeber, a 3rd year PhD student in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University–New Brunswick.