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Nieuwkoop, Andrew J.

Andrew Nieuwkoop Aug 2017 v1Assistant Professor

Research Synopsis: Magic angle spinning solid-state NMR of proteins and membranes.

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The Nieuwkoop lab focuses on using magic-angle-spinning solid-state NMR (ssNMR) to address challenging areas of structural biology. We focus on methods development, especially through very fast spinning, to access samples that would otherwise be hard to investigate. In particular, the lab focuses on 1H-detection, which is becoming more and more powerful as the spinning possible available increase. We seek to investigate the structure and dynamics of lipids and the membranes they form, in order to better understand their function. In addition, we study membrane proteins, whose activity depends upon interactions with lipid bilayers, for which ssNMR is a great tool for atomic resolution investigations.

Lipids and Membranes

Lipid bilayers are a key component of a cell. In addition to providing a barrier, they control the activity of a vast array of proteins and are used to transmit molecules and signals within and outside of the cell. The atomic details of how these signals and interactions take place can be investigated via ssNMR. We seek to understand how subtle differences in lipid head-groups and dynamics have dramatic effects on the properties fo the bilayer and the specific interactions with proteins.

Membrane proteins

Membrane proteins make up a large and understudied portion of the human genome. Because of the challenges of studying them in their native lipid environment, much of what we know about their structure and function comes from samples in detergent or bilayer mimetics. However, we know that the exact composition of the membrane can have large effects on the activity of membrane proteins. Therefore, we are developing methods to investigate membrane proteins in native or near-native environments. This includes assignment and structure determination, as well as site-specific protein lipid interactions.

1H Detection methods

We seek to apply the power of 1H-detected ssNMR to growing numbers of areas in ssNMR. Due to the fact 1H’s gyromagnetic ratio is 4 times that of 13C, experiments detecting 1H are more sensitive and therefore faster. While 1H detection is increasing well developed in terms of chemical shift assignments, there is still a wide array of areas where it has not yet been deployed. We are developing new pulse sequences to determine intermolecular distances both within a protein and intermolecularly, as well as study dynamics at many timescales.


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