Front Row (From L to R): Chi-han, Ahmed, Tao, Katherine, Jay
Back Row (From L to R): Marina, Xiaoxi, Teddy, Ananda, Yuying, Viral
[not in Picture: Apoorva (the photographer)] (2014)

IMG 0957 asefa group October 1

Front Left to Right: Tao, Teddy, Anjani, Yue, Sreenivas, Jianping, Xiaoxi, Viktor, Elizangela, Vanessa, Katherine, Heveline,                           and Rafael (2015-2016)

Asefa Group 2016 2017



Principal Investigator

prof tewodros asefaProf. Tewodros Asefa (

Ph.D. (2002), University of Toronto, Canada




Post-Doctoral Fellows


Dr. Chaoyun Tang

Research Projects: Synthesis of 2D and multifunctional nanostructured materials for energy conversions and storage using rationally designed metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as precursors.


Dr. Zhujian Huang

Research Projects: Synthesis of novel layered double hydroxides (LDHs) and nanoporous materials for electrolysis and environmental remediation and extraction of emerging pollutants.



Graduate Students


Tao Zhang

Research Projects: Development of multifunctional semiconducting nanocatalysts and photocatalysts for renewable energy applications.


Viktor Dubovoy

Research Project: Synthesis of multifunctional nanomaterials and organo-functionalized mesoporous materials for delivery of drugs and antibacterial agents.


Maricely Ramirez Hernandez

Research Project: Synthesis of hybrid nanomaterials for prevention of wound causing microbes and biofilms and development of wound dressings.


Belvin Thomas

Research Project: Metallic and semiconducting nanostructured materials and heterojunctions for photocatalysis, renewable energy and enironmental remediation


Durga Sankar Vavilapalli

Research Project: Development of novel multiferioic and topological materials and investigation of their electrocatalytic properties for renewable energy systems and photocatalysts propertes for environmental remediation.


Meng Liu

Research Project: Development of novel precious metal-free electrocatalysts and investigation of their electrochemical and electrocatalysis properties using state-of-the-art spectroscopy.


Undergraduate Students


Sarah Sonbati

Research Project: Synthesis of polymer-functionalized nanostructured naterials for chronic wound healing.


Rachel Ondricek

Research Project: Nanomaterials functionalized with metal Ions for skin wound treatment,


Elizabeth Defazio

Research Project: Developmenyt of organic-functionalized mesoporous metal oxides with antimicrobial agents for wound treatment.