• Stephen K. Burley
  • University Professor and Henry Rutgers Chair
  • Research Synopsis: Structural biology, drug discovery, clinical medicine and oncology
  • Location: CIPR-117
  • Phone: (848) 445-4903




  • B.S. 1980 University of Western Ontario
  • D. Phil. 1983 University of Oxford
  • M.D. 1987 Harvard medical School


Awards & Honors

  • Director, Center for Integrative Proteomics Research (CIPR)
  • Director, Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics Protein Data Bank (RCSB PDB)
  • Founding Director, Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine at Rutgers (iQB@R)
  • Senator, Rutgers University Senate
  • Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • Member, Cancer Institute of New Jersey

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