Other Options for Lectures

Digital Classroom Services

Digital Classroom Services (DCS) can, by appointment, come to one of CCB’s smart classrooms (1203/1209/1303) and record a lecture. Classroom podiums will be locked while campus is partially open. If you intend to deliver streamed lectures from one of the smart classrooms while students are learning remotely, you should contact DCS ASAP.

Instructors will then be responsible for uploading these recordings to either Canvas or Sakai to share with students.

Instructors can also use our smart classrooms to broadcast or record a Webex lecture. This will be self-managed, and instructors will still be responsible for uploading to either Canvas or Sakai and sharing with students.



With BigBlueButton, you can hold office hours and virtual conferences through one of the Learning Management Systems.


Microsoft PowerPoint

For another method to record PowerPoint slideshows of your lecture for distribution, use the PowerPoint “Record Slide Show” feature which will record your lecture as you cover each slide of your presentation.


Powerpoint > Load your presentation > Go to "Slide Show" tab > Click on "Record Slide Show"

Mac PowerPoint will start from your title or beginning slide by default. When you are done, simply click on "End Slide Show."


For Windows Powerpoint, it’s the same tab and process, but in Windows, you have the option to start from the beginning slide or start from the current slide.

Save your file as a regular pptx. Open and review (go to Slide show tab and select Play from Start) to make sure the audio was recorded in the file.

Try the above method on a few slides and see if you like it. If nothing else, this is a good practice tool for reviewing lecture content (the talk aspect in addition to the visual).