Andy Nieuwkoop

Artboard 1Principal Investigator

Office: 311 Wright Rieman Laboratory

Phone: 848-445-2626


Jacqueline Perodeau

IMG 2853Graduate Student


My primary interests are 1. Using NMR to understand protein structure, including hydrogen bonding along the backbone and among side chains, membrane-protein interactions, protein-ligand interactions, and salt bridging. 2. Untagged protein expression for use in NMR experiments, especially increasing expression levels in minimal media, and, of course, purification.


Ashley Bernstein

IMG 4451 1 Graduate Student


Interests: My research is on the solid state NMR of interfaces. I want to use SSNMR to look at how different phases interact with each other. For  example, lipids and proteins, or host-guest interactions in MOFs.

Robert Palmere

Graduate Student


Interests: The use of computational approaches to develop ssNMR methods for use in studying proteins associated with biomimetic lipid bilayers.

Stefany Lazieh

image31Undergrad Student


Interests: I am currently working on producing and expressing proteins for use in NMR.


Name Current Position Email
Shacq Brown    
Wanru Li Graduate Student at Purdue University