Andy Nieuwkoop

Artboard 1Principal Investigator

Office: 311 Wright Rieman Laboratory

Phone: 848-445-2626


Jacqueline Perodeau

IMG 2853Graduate Student


My primary interests are 1. Using NMR to understand protein structure, including hydrogen bonding along the backbone and among side chains, membrane-protein interactions, protein-ligand interactions, and salt bridging. 2. Untagged protein expression for use in NMR experiments, especially increasing expression levels in minimal media, and, of course, purification. 3. Selection of precipitation conditions for preparing solid state NMR samples. The influence of the of solution dynamics and conformational equilibria on the structure and quality of solid samples is especially interesting 


Ashley Bernstein

IMG 4451 1 Graduate Student


Interests: My research is on the solid state NMR of interfaces. I want to use SSNMR to look at how different phases interact with each other. For  example, lipids and proteins, or host-guest interactions in MOFs.

Robert Palmere

Graduate Student


Interests: The use of computational approaches to develop ssNMR methods for use in studying proteins associated with biomimetic lipid bilayers.

Stefany Lazieh

image31Undergrad Student


Interests: I am currently working on producing and expressing proteins for use in NMR.


Name Current Position Email
Shacq Brown    
Wanru Li Graduate Student at Purdue University