Presentation CoverThe CCB Undergraduate Research Symposium, which celebrates the academic achievements of our undergraduate students, was held virtually once again.

The Symposium, organized by the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology in collaboration with Rutgers-New Brunswick Office of the Provost and Rutgers-New Brunswick Libraries, was held on April 30th through Webex video conferencing. It featured both synchronous and asynchronous components.

Participating seniors presented their posters via personal Webex rooms. Participants' posters and pre-recorded videos were on display for review, and students were available in real time to engage and respond to questions about their presentations.



2021 Senior Researchers 

 Researchers  PI Title
Abbaraju, Venkat Castner, Edward Experimental Methods of Determining Viscosity and Diffusion Coefficients of Ionic Liquids
Arnold, Steven Shi, Zheng Organization of GPI-APs on the Cell Surface and Consequences on Membrane Morphology
Cartagena, Kimberly; Punwani, Nina; Pandya, Mansi; Wasim, Zunaira Muniz, Marc Using Item Response Analysis to Characterize the Fidelity of General Chemistry Assessments
Chaudhry, Haroon Warmuth, Ralf Exploring Aryne-Azide Click Chemistry for the Synthesis of Water-Soluble Cavitands and Hemi-Carcerands
Chen, Yizhen; Pokhai, Ashley Hall, Gene Non-Targeted Characterization of Fish Oil Dietary Supplements by Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP)
Cheung, Kaitlin; Cook, Andrew; Katipamula, Sriram; Niedzwiecki, Isabella Waldie, Kate Modifying Cyclopentadienyl Cobalt Complexes Bearing Bidentate PNP Ligands for Isopropanol Oxidation
Chuang, Chengyuan; Lu, Changpeng Khare, Sagar Deep Sequencing Data Processing and Rosetta Model Simulation for Wild Type TEV
Dresel, Mark; Pollard, Brian Knapp, Spencer Synthesis of Amidated Tetrahydrobenzonaphthyridine Carboxanilide (TBN) Antimalarials
Hartmann, Marc Szekely, Zoltan The Synthesis of a Novel Methylenetetrahydrofolate Dehydrogenase 2 Inhibitor for Bioconjugation Studies
Hu, Emily; Crichton, Ryan; Kopcha, William; Piotr Piotrowiak  Zhang, Jianyuan Porphyrin-Fullerene Electron Transfer Systems 
Jin, Soomin; Dresel, Mark   Knapp, Spencer Modifications on Tetrahydrobenzonaphridine Carboxamide for new Antimalarial 
Joshi, Jahnvi Castner, Edward  Temperature-Dependence of IL Transport Properties 
 Maniar, Megan; Fung, Stephanie   Kohn, Joachim; Murthy, Sanjeeva Experiments to Enhance Nanosphere-Cell Interactions for Targeted Drug Delivery 
Mehta, Kunal Warmuth, Ralf Synthesising Water Soluble aldehyde hemicarcerand by the process of Click Reaction
 Mozsolits, Alex; Dresel, Mark Knapp, Spencer   Synthesis of Novel Antimalarial Candidates 
 Niedzwiecki, Isabella  Waldie, Kate Exploring the Energetics of Formate and H₂ Oxidation at Cobalt & Iron P₂N₂ Complexes 
 Nival, Ryan  Remsing, Richard Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations to assess the self-assembly of water in hydrocarbon lakes on Saturn’s moon Titan 
 Oliveira, Jonathan  Castner, Edward Effect of Alkyl Chains in Ionic Liquids on Refrigerant Gas Capture 
 Panchal, Avi  Lipke, Mark Comparison of Experimental and Computational Results of Electrochemical Porphyrin Compounds 
Patel, Priya   Waldie, Kate  DFT Calculations for Molecular Electrocata 
Pokhai, Ashley; Csatorday, Karolay; Gilmore, Adam  Hall, Gene  Fluorescence Excitation and Emission (EEM) Spectra Coupled with PARAFAC for Characterization and Classification of Dietary Supplements 
 Qureshi, Uthman  Lee, Jeehiun K. The Properties of N6-methyladenosine as a Substrate of the FTO Enzyme 
 Ray, Dhyan Knapp, Spencer  How to make Flavanoids more Drug-Like 
 Russell, Joshua Castner, Edward  Ion Gels from Novel Fluorinated Ionic Liquids 
Siringan, Mark John; Biswas, Rohin   Zhang, Jianyuan Synthesis of Potential Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Water-Soluble C60 Fullerene Derivatives 
 Somni, Rahul  Remsing, Richard Electronic Paddlewheels in a Solid State Electrolyte 
Tran, Aaron; Rothschild, Dan  Lipke, Mark A DFT Study of C60 Fullerene in an Electroactive Nanocage 
Wang, Munkhogil   Remsing, Richard  Lone Pair Dynamics in Hybrid Perovskites 
Whitman, Harrison; Crichton, Ryan   Zhang, Jianyuan Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Nanodots 
Wu, Yufei  Castner, Edward   Transport Properties of New Ionic Liquids: Self-Diffusivity and Viscosity Measurements 


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