Kholud Dardir Awarded Victor Stollar Fellowship

The Rutgers School of Graduate Studies, Victor Stollar award is for a PhD student involved in research related to virology.

Working with Dr. Fabris, I am designing a nanoparticle platform that will allow for the accurate and high-resolution identification and quantification of influenza A virus (IAV) particles in intact cells. The nanoparticle platform consists of gold nanostars functionalized with switchable Raman/fluorescent beacons, which will help us study IAV gene sequences, mutations and develop a greater understanding of viral population diversity.

Kholud will use the fellowship to attend the Gordon Conference in South Hadley, MA to present on "Dual Fluorescent-SERS Plasmanic Gold Nanostar Probe for Viral Mutation Detection" and the Spring ACS national meeting in Orlando, FL to present on Plasmonic Material for Biomedical and Analytical Techniques.