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Professor Herman Sintim, Purdue University
Tuesday, April 05, 2022, 11:00am - 12:00pm

Herman SintimCyclic dinucleotides - interesting molecules with fascinating biology

Cyclic dinucleotides, such as c-di-GMP, c-di-AMP and cGAMP, have emerged as key second messengers in all forms of life. These dinucleotides are key components of signaling cascades that contribute to bacterial fitness or immune cells' response to invading pathogens. Mutations in key proteins that sense CDNs, such as cGAS or STING, lead to sterile inflammation. Due to the dizzying arrays of processes that CDNs partake in, there is interest in illuminating the biology of CDNs as well as developing novel therapeutics that interrupt CDN signaling (anti-inflammatory or immunomodulating compounds). This talk will highlight efforts in the Sintim laboratory to synthesize cyclic dinucleotide probes and the development of small molecules that interrupt CDN signaling.

Hosted by Professor Enver C. Izgu

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