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Siyuan Wang, Yale University
Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 11:00am - 12:00pm

 Siyuan Wang photoImage-based spatial genomics and multi-omics

The three-dimensional (3D) organization of the genome affects many genomic functions. The genome is hierarchically organized into multiple 3D architectures including chromatin loops, domains, compartments, and regions associated with nuclear lamina and nucleoli. Changes in these architectures have been associated with normal development, aging, and a wide range of diseases. Despite its critical importance, understanding how the genome is spatially organized in single cells, how the organization varies in different cell types in mammalian tissue, and how the organization affects gene expression remains a major challenge for the scientific and biomedical community. Previous approaches are limited by a lack of capacity to directly trace chromatin folding in 3D, and to simultaneously measure genomic organization in relation to other nuclear components and gene expression in the same, single cells. To address these needs, we developed an image-based 3D genomics technique termed chromatin tracing, which enables direct 3D tracing of chromatin folding along individual chromosomes in single cells. Recently, we further developed Multiplexed Imaging of Nucleome Architectures (MINA), which enables simultaneous measurements of multiscale chromatin folding, associations of genomic regions with nuclear lamina and nucleoli, and copy numbers of numerous RNA species in the same, single cells in mammalian tissue. We are applying these developments to multiple lines of research on 3D genomics by depicting multiscale genomic architectures associated with gene expression and other genomic functions in different types of cells and tissue undergoing different biological processes. 

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