Jing Li Lab - Publications

2013 Publications

  1. Chen, Y, Zhang J, Li J, Lockard JV.  Monitoring the Activation of a Flexible Metal-Organic Framework Using Structurally Sensitive Spectroscopy Techniques. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2013. 117(39):20068-20077.
  2. Zhang, R, Gong QH, Emge TJ, Banerjee D, Li J.  Design and Synthesis of New 1D and 2D R-isophthalic Acid (R = H, Br) Based Coordination Polymers. Chimia2013. 67:393-396.
  3. Plonka, AM, Banerjee D, Woerner WW, Zhang ZJ, Li J, Parise JB.  Effect of Ligand Geometry on Selective Gas Adsorption: The Case of A Microporous Cadmium Metal Organic Framework with V-Shaped Linker. Chem. Comm.. 2013. 49:7055-7057.
  4. Sun, CY, Wang XL, Zhang X, Qin C, Li P, Su ZM, Zhu DX, Shan GG, Shao KZ, Wu H, Li J.  Efficient and Tunable White-Light Emission of Metal-Organic Frameworks by Iridium-Complex Encapsulation. Nat. Comm.. 2013. 4:2717.
  5. Efremovska, B, Wu HH, Vaughn J, Olson DH, Mattai J, Ortiz C, Puchalski A, Li J, Pan L.  Encapsulated Recyclable Porous Materials: An Effective Moisture-Triggered Fragrance Release System. Chem. Comm.. 2013. 49:5724-5726.
  6. Zhang, RB, Emge TJ, Li J.  The First Single-Sized and Periodically Ordered Arrays of Semiconductor Quantum Dots Self-Assembled in Solution. J. Mater. Chem, A. 2013. 1:199-202.
  7. Zhang, X, Hejazi M, Thiagarajan SJ, Woerner WR, Banerjee D, Emge TJ, Xu WQ, Teat SJ, Safari A, Yang RG, Parise JB, Li J. From 1D Chain to 3D Network: A New Family of Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Semiconductors MO3(L)x (M = Mo, W; L = Organic Linker) Built on Perovskite-Like Structure Modules. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2013. 135:17401-17407.
  8. Liu, H, Zhao YG, Zhang ZJ, Nijem N, Chabal YJ, Peng XF, Zeng HP, Li J. Ligand Functionalization and Effect on CO2 Adsorption in MIcroporous Metal Organic Frameworks. Chem. Asian J.. 2013. 8:778-785.
  9. Nath, R, Tsirlin AA, Khuntia P, Janson O, Förster T, Padmanabhan M, Li J, undefined, Baenitz M, Rosner H, Rousochatzakis I.  Magnetization and Spin Dynamics of the Spin S = ½ Hourglass Nanomagnet Cu5(OH)2(NIPA)410H2O. Phys. Rev. B. 2013. 87(214417)
  10. Plonka, AM, Banerjee D, Woerner WR, Zhang ZJ, Nijem N, Chabal YJ, Li J, Parise JB. Mechanism of Carbon Dioxide Adsorption in a Highly Selective Coordination Network Supported by Direct Structural Evidence. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.. 2013. 52:1692-1695.
  11. Xu, WW, Pramanik S, Zhang ZJ, Emge TJ, Li J.  Microporous [M2(hfipbb)2(ted)] (M = Zn, Co): Synthesis, Structure Analysis, Pore Characterization, Small Gas Adsorption and CO2/N2 Separation Properties. J. Solid St. Chem.. 2013. 200:1-6.
  12. Zhang, ZJ, Zhao YG, Gong QH, Li Z, Li J. MOFs for CO2 Capture and Separation from Flue Gas Mixtures: The Effect of Multifunctional Sites on Their Adsorption Capacity and Selectivity. Chem. Comm.. 2013.  49:653-661.
  13. Linguito, SL, Padmanabban M, Zhang X, Biradar AV, Emge TJ, Xu TT, Asefa T, Li J. New Polyoxomolybdate Compounds Synthesized in situ using ionic liquid 1-butyl-3-methyl-imidazolium tetrafluoroborate as green solvent. New Journal of Chemistry. 2013. 37:2894-2901.
  14. Robinson, DM, Go YB, Mui M, Gardner G, Zhang ZJ, Mastrogiovanni D, Garfunkel E, Li J, Greenblatt M, Dismukes GC.  Photochemical Water Oxidation by Crystalline Polymorphs of Manganese Oxides: Structural Requirements for Catalysis. J. Am. Chem. Soc.. 2013. 135:3494-3501.
  15. Hu, ZC, Pramanik S, Tan K, Zheng C, Liu W, Zhang X, Chabal YC, Li J.  Selective, Sensitive and Reversible Detection of Vapor-Phase RDX and Other High Explosives via 2D Mapping: A New Strategy for MOF Based Sensors. Cryst. Growth & Des. 2013. 13:4204-4207.
  16. Lowe, A, Chittajallu P, Gong QH, Li J, Balkus KJ. Storage and Delivery of Nitric Oxide via Diazeniumdiolated Metal Organic Framework. Microporous Mesoporous Materials. 2013.  (181):17-22.
  17. Pramanik, S, Hu ZC, Zhang X, Zheng C, Kelly S, Li J. A Systematic Study of Fluorescence-Based Detection of Nitroexplosives and Other Aromatics in Vapor-Phase by Microporous Metal Organic Frameworks. Chem. Euro. J. 2013. 19:15964-15971.
  18. Zhou, XJ, Zhang J, Li BY, Yang F, Peng Y, Li GH, Shi Z, Feng SH, Li J.  Two Three-Dimensional Metal-Organic Frameworks Constructed by Thiazole-Spaced Pyridinecarboxylates Exhibiting Selective Gas Adsorption or Antiferromagnetic Coupling. New. J. Chem.2013. 37:425-430.
  19. Zhang, Z, Xian S, Xia Q, Wang H, Li Z, Li J.  Enhancement of CO2 Adsorption and CO2/N2 Selectivity on ZIF-8 via Postsynthetic Modification. AIChE Journal. 2013. 59:2195–2206., Number 6
  20. Tan, K, Canepa P, Gong Q, Liu J, Johnson DH, Dyevoich A, Thallapally PK, Thonhauser T, Li J, Chabal YJ.  Mechanism of Preferential Adsorption of SO2 into Two Microporous Paddle Wheel Frameworks M(bdc)(ted)0.5. Chemistry of Materials. 2013. 25:4653-4662.
  21. Banerjee, D, Hu Z, Pramanik S, Zhang X, Wang H, Li J. Vapor phase detection of nitroaromatic and nitroaliphatic explosives by fluorescence active metal-organic frameworks. CrystEngComm2013. 15:9745-9750.