Bruker 600B

600B - backup

The directory /opt/topspin2.1.1/data on 600B was deleted for more disk space. Proteomics IT staff managed to copy it to /u1/home/nmrdata/prot-600b.

600B Field drift checked and fixed

The Bruker 600 field seemed to drift upfield at about 18Hz/hr. The background drift correction was set to -61 field units per hour. Resetting it to zero (or just -1) corrected the issue. It was reset by doing a 'ha' and then going into BSMS control and lock and then field control panel and editing the appropriate field value.

600B probe back

The Bruker 600 probe is back on Friday Nov.22. It worked fine over the weekend after some initial tuning issue.

600B Software update

We have updated the 600B with new computer and Topspin 3.2 patch level 6. All the features of the system are working.

B-600 Software upgrade

The following is the message from Seho on 8/14/2013.

"Today I tried to upgrade Bruker 600 NMR with the new computer and Topspin 3.1.6 but I got the same problem before; The BSMS display did not show the main page. As recommended by Bruker, I attempted to upgrade the ELCB (BSMS CPU) but upgrading firmwares was not working. I installed Topspin 3.2.2 to see any change but ended to the same failure in the BSMS display. We may need a fresh installation of OS and Topspin or assistance from Bruker which costs about $2000.

Bruker 600 - Tests Feb 2017

These are the specifications data of 600B taken during the week of Feb 6 and all looked OK.
CHCl3 line shape (0.65 / 6 /12 Hz); 0.6/4.7/9.2
Sucrose sensitivity (SNR=275); 302.9
Magnet Drift; 0.3 Hz/hr
Overnight Stability; 99%
H1 pw90; 8.0 us at -12.4 dB
C13 pw90; 11.3 us at -23.0 dB
N15 pw90; 32.7 us at -24.4 dB
H2 pw90; 80 us at -14.7 dB

Seho Kim

Bruker 600 Software update

The 600B spectrometer now has Topspin 3.5 PL6.

Bruker 600B Specs - August 2017

Basic specs of 600B were tested and results are as good as stated in acceptance tests.
CHCl3 lineshape (0.6 / 6.0 /12.0 Hz); 0.48/5.3/11.4
Sucrose sensitivity (>275); 320.8
Magnet Drift: 0.13 Hz/h
System stability (>95%): >99%
1H pw90: 8.0 at -12.4
13C pw90: 11.4 at -23.0
15N pw90: 33.2 at -24.2
2H pw90: 80 at -14.7

Bruker 600B Specs - March 1, 2018


600B specifications: All specs are good.

CHCl3 lineshape (0.65 / 6.0 /12.0 Hz); 0.61 / 4.8 / 9.3

Sucrose sensitivity (>275); 318.7

Magnet Drift: 0.04 Hz/h

System stability (>95%): >99%

1H pw90: 8.0 at -12.4

13C pw90: 11.3 at -23.0

15N pw90: 32.5 at -24.4

2H pw90: 78.5 at -14.7

RT Probe 1H not Tuning - Bruker 600

The proton tuning of the RT probe at Bruker 600 is not working. We checked the system and it is either the motor is stuck or the probe circuitry is bad or both. The console electronics/software seem fine as seen by tests with an external "probe circuit tunable to 600 MHz".

We have opened a ticket and the probe will be sent out to Bruker on 10/29/2013.

Specs-tests 600B Feb 2016

Bruker 600 NMR (by Seho Kim)
Drift; < 1Hz/hr;
Stability (>99%); >99.2
Lineshape (0.6/6/12); 0.5 / 4.7 / 9.2
Sensitivity (275, sucrose); 299
H1 pw90; 8.1 at -12.4
N15 pw90; 33.0 at -24.4
C13 pw90; 13.3 at -23
H2 pw90; 80 at -14.7
gNhsqc; OK
gChsqc; OK

Varian 600 became Bruker AVANCE III HD 600

As of October 13, 2016 the Varian 600 VNMRS console was replaced with Bruker AVANCE III HD console. The system is working good.