Bruker 800

800 NMR With Bruker Console

The 800 NMR is working with the new Bruker console. The system currently has a room temperature probe and soon the cryoprobe will be installed.

Bruker 800 NMR Cryoprobe Test Results

From Dr. Seho Kim:



All targeted pw90’s can be achieved within the allowed power levels. Ubiquitin spectra are OK too. I have no other issue at this moment except for the lineshape related to the temperature gradient in the probe. The cryoprobe is ready to use.

Items (specifications): measured values

CHCl3 linshape (0.8/8.0/16.0 Hz): 1.08/7.4/16.9 Hz

CHCl3 lineshape with spin (0.7/7.0/14.0 Hz): 0.64/6.1/14.3 Hz

Sucrose sensitivity (1200): 1212 (Bruker measured 1280)

Water suppression (80/160 Hz): 33.7/88.3 Hz

1H pw90 (8.0u at <15W): 7.5u at 10W

13C pw90 (12.0u at <205W): 11.4u at 150W

15N pw90 (32.0u at <287W): 32u at 270W

2H pw90 (100.0u at <28W): 88.7u at 24W

Gradient strength(>0.66 T/m): 0.67 T/m

Gradient recovery (>95%, <100u): >95%, <10u

Overnight stability (>95%): 96.5%

Magnet drift:0.8 Hz/hr

Ubiquitin spectra: presat1D, 15N-HSQC, 13C-HSQC, HNCO, HN(CA)CO, HNCA, HN(CA)CO,


               TOCSY-15N-HSQC, NOESY-15N-HSQC