Nagarajan Murali

NM 2015I am Dr. Nagarajan Murali, a Senior NMR Researcher at the NMR facility in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB) at Rutgers.

The department house a total of 8 spectrometers in two separate buildings.

The Chemistry NMR Facility houses four spectrometers (VNMRS 500, 400, 300, and a Bruker solid-state 400) for the Chemistry department use and are located at the Wright-Rieman Chemistry Lab. I take care of the use, maintenance, and user training of these instruments.

The other four high field spectrometers for Bio-NMR research are located at the Proteomics center. These are: Bruker Avance III HD 800, Bruker Avance III 700, Bruker Avance III 600, and Bruker Avance III HD 600 MHz spectrometers. The 800 and 700 NMR systems have cryogenically cooled probes. The Avance III HD 600 system is equipped for bio solid state NMR application. The solid-state 400 NMR at CCB with its 3.2mm CHN - Efreee Bio-Solids probe is also capable of biological solids NMR applications. Dr. Seho Kim manages the bio-nmr applications and I take care of the hardware issues and act as a liaison with the vendors.

My own interests are in NMR methods development and theoretical aspects of relaxation in NMR. A graduate level course titled NMR Spectroscopy: Principles and Applications was developed and taught during spring 2010. As a facility manager, my core efforts are in helping researchers achieve their goals in NMR applications.

Research training is a major component of the undergraduate program in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and I enjoy contributing towards that by training young students in NMR. Their enthusiasm and energy are contagious and I draw my own inspiration to teach from these interactions.

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