Varian 800 MHz NMR v2

The newly upgraded AVANCE III HD 800 MHz is equipped with a 5 mm cryoprobe and a room temperature solution probe, offering the highest sensitivity in the facility. For solid-state NMR, it is equipped with a 0.7 mm HCND MAS probe, capable of 100+ kHz MAS rates which will enable proton detection on protonated samples.


 Probe: TXI probe/TCI cold probe; 
 0.7mm 110kHz  MAS probe 

 Magnet: 18.8 T  Software: Topspin 3.5
 Console: 4 channels  Application: proteins: Liquids and Solids 




Bruker 700 MHz NMR v2

The Avance III 700 MHz is a dedicated solution instrument. It is equipped with a 5 mm cryoprobe and a room temperature probe for bio-solution applications.

 System: Avance III  Probe: TCI cryo-probe with ATM
 Magnet: 16.4 T  Software: Topspin 3.5
 Console: 4 channels  Application: proteins





Bruker 600 MHz NMR v1

This Avance III 600 MHz is a dedicated solution instrument used for routine experiments on biological samples with a room temperature probe.

 System: Avance III  Probe: TXI probe with ATM
 Magnet: 14.1 T  Software: Topspin 3.5
 Console: 4 channels  Application: proteins





Varian 600 MHz NMR v1

Recently upgraded with an Avance III HD console and high-power amplifiers for solid-state work, this spectrometer has a 1.6 mm HXYD MAS probe for bio-solid and materials work on a variety of nuclei at 40 kHz spinning and temperatures as low as -50ยบ C.

 System: Avance III HD  Probe: TXI probe; 1.6mm
 40kHz MAS probe
 Magnet: 14.1 T  Software: Topspin 3.5
 Console: 4 channels  Application: proteins, solid-state NMR




Bruker Solid State 400 MHz NMR v1

This Avance III 400 MHz widebore instrument is a dedicated solid state system, equipped with a 3.2mm HXY MAS probe and a 3.2mm E-free CNH MAS probe that are ideal for material science applications and routine biological work.

 System: Avance III  Probe: 3.2mm CHN Efree probe
 Magnet: 9.4 T  Software: Topspin 3.2
 Console: 3 channels  Application: Solids: Bio-solids, materials