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  • Homonuclear 2D experiments acquire 2D spectra as F2(1H) - F1(1H) where F2 is the direct detection dimension for 1H and F1 is the indirect detection dimension.
  • Experiments for proteins require water suppression but experiments for small organic molecules may not need it. Different versions of sequences for the same experiment are presented with or without solvent suppresions.
  • Main solvent suppression techniques presented are; presaturation (pr), watergate with water-selective soft pulses (wg), and watergate with 3-9-19 pulse schemes (19).


NMR ExperimentsBruker Sequences
Proton 1D zg
zgpr; uses presaturation
zggpwg; uses watergate with soft pulses
COSY cosyph
Uses phase-sensitive mode.
May be processed as magnitude mode
cosyphpr; uses presaturation
with Double Quantum Filter
cosydfphpr; uses presaturation
cosydfgpph19; uses watergate 3919
TOCSY dipsi2ph
Uses DIPSI-2 isotropic mixing scheme. Uses d9 for the mxing time as trncated multiples of (p6*115.112)
dipsi2phpr; uses presaturation
dipsi2gpph19; uses watergate 3919
NOESY noesyph
Uses d8 for the mixing time.
noesyphpr; uses presaturation
noesygpph19; uses watergate-3919
ROESY roesyph
Uses p15 for the spin-lock mixing time
roesyphpr; uses presaturation
roesygpph19; uses watergate-3919

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