High Field NMR

Our Mission

The Rutgers High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) facility is located on the Busch campus of Rutgers University-New Brunswick. We are committed to supporting NMR based structural biology and material sciences research for the university and surrounding region. The center provides state-of-the-art capabilities for both solution state and solid-state NMR for academic users as well as industrial users. The facility is supported by two full time staff members and is a University core facility financed through usage fees.

Our Services

The NMR facility is equipped with five high field spectrometers ideal for the most complicated and challenging research in the areas of:

  • Bio-Solution: available at 800, 700, and 600 MHz, potential experiments include protein dynamics and structure elucidation and protein-ligand binding
  • Bio-Solids: on the 800 and 600 MHz spectrometers, fast magic-angle-spinning (MAS) probes allow for solution-like investigations of membrane proteins, aggregates, and large complexes
  • Materials: in addition to the 800 and 600 MHz NMRs, a dedicated 400 MHz instrument is available for work on solid materials such as concrete, polymers, catalysts, and batteries
  • Service: various levels of support are available, ranging from access only, to complete data acquisition and analysis

Data can be processed at the spectrometers and retrieved via a dedicated FTP site. With all spectrometers running the same software version, it is easy to switch between them as the need arises.


All new users must complete the New User NMR Training course to use departmental NMR instruments.  NMR trainings are scheduled on-demand basis and contact Dr. Seho Kim.

Scheduling/Billing Rates

NMR User Type

Billing Rate*

Department Users Check with the department
External Users Contact the facility for availability and rates

* All billing rates are subject to change.

Our Instruments

Varian 800 MHz NMR v2Avance III HD 800 MHz

. System: Avance III HD
. Magnet: 18.8 T
. Console: 4 channels
. Probe: TXI probe/TCI cold probe; 0.7mm 110kHz MAS probe, capable of 100+ kHz MAS rates which will enable proton detection on protonated samples
. Software: Topspin 3.5
. Application: proteins, liquids and solids

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Bruker 700 MHz NMR v2Avance III 700 MHz

. System: Avance III
. Magnet: 16.4 T
. Console: 4 channels
. Probe: TCI cyro-probe with ATM
. Software: Topspin 3.5
. Application: proteins

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Bruker 600 MHz NMR v1Avance III 600 MHz

. System: Avance III
. Magnet: 14.1 T
. Console: 4 channels
. Probe: TXI probe with ATM
. Software: Topspin 3.5
. Application: proteins

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Varian 600 MHz NMR v1Avance III HD 600 MHz

. System: Avance III HD
. Magnet: 14.1 T
. Console: 4 channels
. Probe: TXI probe; 1.6mm 40kHz MAS probe, working with temperatures as low as -50ยบ C
. Software: Topspin 3.5
. Application: proteins, solid-state NMR 

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Bruker Solid State 400 MHz NMR v1Avance III 400 MHz

. System: Avance III
. Magnet: 9.4 T
. Console: 3 channels
 . Probe: 3.2mm HXY MAS probe; 3.2mm E-free CNH MAS probe; ideal for material science applications and routine biological work
. Software: Topspin 3.5
. Application: proteins, bio-solids, materials 

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Jean Baum, Director of NMR Facility
848-445-5254, 848-445-5666

Nagarajan Murali, PhD Spectroscopist

Seho Kim, PhD Spectroscopist
848-445-5127 (Bio-NMR Facility)

Andrew Nieuwkoop, Professor


Wright-Rieman Laboratories
610 Taylor Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8066