Hi, and welcome to Virtual Rutgers Day 2021!  My name is Bob Porcja, and I am the coordinator of the Chemistry Lecture Demonstration Facility in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.  Many of you may have seen my live demonstration shows in previous years.  Last year, a previously recorded demonstration show was presented as the department’s contribution for Virtual Rutgers Day 2020.  This year, I am proud to present a series of brand new videos with Paul Kimmel, Administrator and Lecturer for General Chemistry, who has run the outdoor portion of live in person Rutgers Day presentations in years past.  These are all new demonstrations that are usually not conducive to a live audience setting such as an in person Rutgers Day due to size set up or safety considerations.  I will introduce each short video covering some topics normally covered in first year second semester general chemistry which will hopefully be enlightening to you, our dear audience.  Please enjoy our offering.


Virtual Rutgers Day 2021