Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Chemistry Lecture Demonstration Facility (CLDF)

Chemistry Lecture Demonstration Facility

Our Mission

The mission of the Rutgers Chemistry Lecture Demonstration Facility is to:

  • Provide quality educational experiences for Rutgers chemistry students
  • Increase the visibility of the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology
  • Elevate the reputation of Rutgers as a top tier learning institution

In addition to providing lecture demonstration support for faculty campus-wide, the CLD Facility is also engaged in education and outreach efforts both within Rutgers, locally in the state of New Jersey, and nationwide.

Our Services

The CLD facility is a key component of the educational infrastructure in the department, and an important resource for both students and faculty. The creation and maintenance of the facility reflects the department's dedication to undergraduate chemical education, and the promotion of chemistry as a central science.

We are devoted to supporting lecture content through visual aids and live demonstrations. Chemistry & Chemical Biology (CCB) faculty can request lecture demonstrations to be set up for their classes. The facility will assist in preparation of the demonstrations, and, if needed, assist in their execution. The CLD facility is also dedicated to ensuring safety in the classroom and delivering demonstrations with the most effective presentation. Demonstrations may often be videotaped and put online.