Sustainable Building Design

The New CCB Building will feature:

  • Extensive windows and light shelves to maximize natural light
  • Light-colored finishes to further reduce electrical lighting usage
  • Natural materials and elimination of off-gassing materials
  • Green exterior design for thermal tempering and rainwater collection
  • Use of rainwater for irrigation of native vegetation in courtyard
  • Rain garden to manage storm water runoff
  • Flow of ventilation from office to lab ventilation zones for reduced energy use
  • Reduced Lab ventilation requirements through occupancy sensors, low-flow hoods, and variable air valves
  • Air changes per hour rates by module function ...

The new CCB Building will meet the standards for LEED Gold minimum certification, and follow the sustainable design practices recommended by Laboratories for the 21st Century.


“Research in my lab may lead to the development of new, cleaner energy sources.
I’m proud to be part of an institution that is as committed to sustainability as I am.”

-- Alan Goldman

Read more about the potential impact of Professor Goldman's groundbreaking research
on the development of cleaner, more efficient fuels.