Students Look Forward to New Science Hub for CCB

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The new Chemistry building will offer many benefits to students when it opens its doors in 2017 from smart classrooms to collaborative spaces to state-of-the-art labs. Both graduate and undergraduate students are looking forward to the new facilities.

“The building will not only serve as a means for Rutgers students to continue conducting groundbreaking research in their respective fields, but will provide a more collaborative environment,” said Allison Faig, President of the Rutgers Chemistry Graduate Student Association. “The field of chemistry is becoming more interdisciplinary and this collaborative atmosphere will allow for students to learn techniques and ideas from different chemistry divisions, providing them with diverse experiences and a more well-rounded education to prepare them for their future endeavors.”

Rutgers Chemistry Ph.D. candidate Paul F. Smith agrees.

“Arguably, graduate students have the most to benefit from a new chemistry building at Rutgers,” Smith said. “As someone who works full time on synthesizing pure materials and running experiments under carefully controlled conditions, a state-of-the-art research facility would greatly improve the work environment. It's not a coincidence that most highly regarded research universities have modern, high-tech chemistry resources, so it’s pleasing to see Rutgers commit to developing a new building.”

ChemistryTAMoreBuginskyOther planned features in the new building include a microscopy suite, class 100 chemistry clean room, as well as optical/laser, mass spectroscopy, and x-ray crystallography laboratories. A new auditorium is also planned.

The new environment has even recent graduates like Chemistry Class of 2013 graduate Emily Buginsky excited about the future.

“I think the new building is great; I am actually jealous of the future chemistry students!” said Buginsky, who is now a student in the Rutgers Graduate School of Education. “As always, it's a little sad because I had a lot of memories as an undergrad in the chemistry building, but now new undergrads can make their memories. I think this will be built with our needs kept in mind, and hopefully it will function better and inspire other students to get more involved with lab work and chemistry.”

“It’s definitely an exciting time to be studying and researching chemistry at Rutgers,” added undergraduate student Chris Kaplan, a senior graduating in May. “Rutgers has always been one of the best universities in the country for students interested in chemistry and science. Future opportunities to take part in discovery, innovation and industry collaboration are just getting stronger every day.”

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