2013 Awards

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Official Call for 2013 Award Nominations

Nomination Deadline : MAY 31 2013

Hugh M. Huffman Memorial Award

Dr. Hugh M. Huffman (1899-1950) was one of the founders of The Calorimetry Conference and a pioneer in the field of heat capacity measurements. This prestigious award bearing Hugh’s name honors those individuals who through their lifelong research accomplishments emulate the creativity and care that Dr. Huffman demonstrated in his studies. Candidates shall have made long-term contributions to thermodynamics involving calorimetry and/or thermochemistry. The Hugh M. Huffman award is sponsored by TA Instruments and consists of a $ 1000 honorarium and waived Conference registration. The award address is published in the Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics.

James J. Christensen Memorial Award

The Christensen Award was established in 1988 to honor Professor James J. Christensen (1931-1987) of Brigham Young University. The award is presented to a scientist who has made outstanding innovative contributions to the development and use of calorimetric instrumentation. The James J. Christensen Award is sponsored by Brigham Young University and consists of a $ 1000 honorarium and waived Conference registration.

Stig Sunner Memorial Award

The Sunner Award established in 1980 honors the memory of Professor Stig Sunner (1917-1980) of Lund University in Sweden. The award recognizes the research contributions of young scientists to thermodynamics and thermochemistry and is typically restricted to individuals 40 years of age or younger. The Sunner Award consists of a $ 1000 honorarium and waived Conference registration.

William F. Giauque Memorial Awards

Professor Giauque received the 1949 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his contributions in thermodynamics, which included measurements on crystals confirming the Third Law and the invention of adiabatic magnetization. Professor Giauque trained a legion of students, who subsequently established and promoted calorimetry in academia, government laboratories, and industry. The William F. Giauque Memorial Awards were established to recognize his outstanding mentoring ability by encouraging student participation at The Calorimetry Conference. The Giauque Awards consist of a $ 500 travel stipend to enable a graduate student to attend the conference and deliver an oral presentation on his/her research.
2013 Conference Award Nomination Process

Huffman, Christensen, and Sunner Memorial Awards

The Calorimetry Conference has enacted a two-stage Award Nomination Process for 2013 that involves the solicitation of prospective nominees followed by submission of nomination packets for eligible candidates. Scientific colleagues are invited to submit the name(s) of prospective candidates for the Huffman, Christensen, and Sunner Awards to the Conference Chair. In consultation with the Officers and Board of Directors, the Conference Chair will review the credentials of nominees to ensure that each candidate satisfies the criteria of eligibility within an award category. Individuals wishing to nominate a particular candidate for the Huffman, Christensen, or Sunner Awards must submit a brief letter addressed to the Conference Chair that contains the name of the prospective nominee, his/her current position title, and the candidate’s unique qualifications for the Award. A prospective candidate is only eligible to be nominated in a single Conference Award category and self-nominations are not permitted. All nomination letters for the Huffman, Christensen, and Sunner Awards must be received by the Conference Chair no later than MAY 31, 2013.

Following review of a candidate’s eligibility within the Huffman, Christensen, and Sunner Award categories, the Conference Chair will contact respective nominators who are responsible for submitting a complete packet that must include the following: 1) a nomination letter describing the candidate’s qualifications and a brief synopsis of significant research accomplishments; 2) a complete curriculum vitae including bibliography of publications; and, 3) no more than four supporting letters endorsing the candidate’s nomination. The nomination and supporting letters must be current (i.e., dated within the past six months) and addressed to the Conference Chair. Multiple nominee endorsements by a single nominator or letter-of-support author within each Conference Award category are not permissible. A complete nomination packet containing the requisite documents should be assembled by the nominator and submitted in electronic format (PDF files preferable) to by June 15, 2013. Please direct all correspondence and/or inquiries regarding the Huffman, Christensen, and Sunner Award nomination process to the Conference Chair:

Prof. Watson D. Loh
Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Institute of Chemistry
Caixa Postal 6154
13084-970 Campinas
São Paulo, Brazil
William F. Giauque Memorial Awards

Nomination packets for Giauque Memorial Awards must include an endorsement letter written by the student’s doctoral advisor and an abstract of the contributed paper. The letter should certify the student’s status, outline the significance of the research study, and briefly describe the student’s contribution and overall level of effort. The nomination packet should be addressed to the Program Chair and submitted in electronic format (PDF files preferable) to by MAY 31, 2013. Please direct all correspondence and/or inquiries regarding the Giauque Memorial Awards nomination process to the Program Chair:

Prof. David P. Remeta
Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Piscataway, New Jersey