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Mission Statement

cal con 2012 welcomeThe North American Calorimetry Conference (CALCON) has served as the premier collegial forum for the dissemination of current research and state-of-the-art technological developments in calorimetry and thermodynamics since its inception in 1946. CALCON convenes annually at selected sites in the United States or Canada, and jointly with the IUPAC sponsored International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics whenever ICCT meets in North America.

CALCON participants represent a broad cross-section of scientists in academia, government, and industry whose research interests primarily focus on the development and application of calorimetric methods and/or thermochemical techniques. Papers presented at CALCON span a diverse range of disciplines within the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics as well as emerging areas of research at the interface of core disciplines.

Specific areas of interest include fundamental advances and applications in biology and medicine, biothermodynamics, biomaterials, environmental sciences, pharmaceutical products, food technology, solutions and fluid mixtures, condensed matter, nanoparticles, polymer science, solid-state materials, computer simulations, and thermodynamic databases. CALCON welcomes original research contributions describing novel and innovative thermodynamic approaches at the interface of core technologies.

The 67th Calorimetry Conference

The 67th Calorimetry Conference (CALCON 2012) follows in the footsteps of last year’s joint meeting with the Japan Society of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis that assembled at Turtle Bay Resort on the idyllic North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. CALCON 2012 represents yet another inaugural venture in the history of The Calorimetry Conference as we join forces with the 2012 International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics to convene in the picturesque resort city of Buzios, Brazil during the period of August 5-10, 2012. This year’s conference marks the fourth Joint Meeting of CALCON and ICCT following in the tradition of Snowbird, Utah (1992), Halifax, Nova Scotia (2000), and Boulder, Colorado (2006). We cordially invite you to join us and our Latin American colleagues on this historic occasion as The Calorimetry Conference and International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics convenes outside the confines of the North American continent and travels to the Southern Hemisphere.

The Conference Organizing Committee has planned a diverse technical program comprised of ten scheduled symposia addressing current topics in:

  • Biothermodynamics
  • Education and Thermodynamics Frontiers
  • Energy with Emphasis on Fuels from Renewable Sources and Petroleum
  • Ionic Liquids
  • Molecular Energetics and Databases
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Phase Equilibria and Solutions
  • Thermal Studies of Phase Transitions
  • Thermodynamics of Materials
  • Thermodynamic Modeling and Simulations

Participants are cordially invited to submit original research papers presenting novel calorimetric, thermochemical, and thermodynamic studies for platform or poster presentation. Additional details and information regarding the Joint Meeting of CALCON and ICCT is available at the web site:

Please reserve the dates of 5-10 August 2012 and join us at the beautiful seaside setting in Buzios, Brazil for a memorable and truly historic conference experience.