Li, Jing

Project Description

Our research interests and activities are primarily in the development of solid-state inorganic and inorganic-organic hybrid materials that are both fundamentally and practically important. Our current work focuses mainly on the design, synthesis, characterization, functionalization, and optimization of two material families, namely metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and inorganic-organic hybrid semiconductor materials. These materials are potentially useful for applications related to clean and renewable energies and environmental remediation, including but not limited to photovoltaics, solid-state lighting, gas storage, capture and separation and chemical sensing and imaging. Undergraduate students will participate in various aspects of the synthesis, structure characterization and property studies of these materials.


GPA: > 3.5

Course Experience: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Current Undergraduate Researchers

  • Evan Lenkeit
  • Tithi Thakkar

Publications with Undergraduate Co-authors:
(2002-2020, Undergraduate co-authors are underlined)

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