Research Projects

Lee, Ki-Bum

Project Description

The primary research interest of our group is to develop nanomaterial-based approaches to control and modulate cellular behaviors of stem cells and cancer cells. In particular, we are interested in studying the function of microenvironmental cues (e.g. soluble signals, cell-cell interactions, and insoluble/physical signals) towards stem cell and cancer cell fate. For example, our work involves both approaches from nanotechnology, the “top-down” pattering of extracellular matrix (ECM) and signal molecules in combinatorial ways (e.g. ECM compositions, pattern  geometry, pattern density, and gradient patterns), and the “bottom-up” synthesis of multifunctional nanoparticles and their modification with specific signal molecules-should for investigating complex cellular behaviors. Collectively, our research projects are directly relevant to matters concerning biomaterials, nanomedicine, chemical biology and stem/cancer cell biology.

nanomaterial based approaches


GPA: A minimum GPA of 3.2 is required for joining the KB Lee Research group
Course Experience: No prerequisites. However a basic knowledge of Chemistry/Biology/Biochemistry is preferred.

Current Undergraduate Researchers

  • Nicolas Patel
  • Minli Shi
  • Liran Tivon
  • Christian Smolko
  • Eunsol Lee

Publications with Undergraduate Co-authors

  1. Solanki A.*, Shah S.*, Memoli K.A., Park S.Y., Hong, S. and Lee, K.-B.† “Controlling differentiation of neural stem cells using extracellular matrix protein patterns”. Small, 2010. 6(22): 2509-2513 [* Equal First Authors]
  2. Solanki A., Kim J.D., Lee K.-B.†, "Nanotechnology for Regenerative Medicine: nanomaterials for stem cell imaging", Nanomedicine, 2008, 3, 567-578
  3. Lee, K.-B.†, Solanki A., Kim J.D., Jung J., "Nanomedicine: dynamic integration of nanotechnology with biomedical science", Zhang, M., Editors, World Scientific, 2008


Undergraduate Vice Chair
Ralf Warmuth

Undergraduate Coordinator
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