Lee, Jeehiun Katherine

Project Description

Bioorganic and organic reactivity is examined using analytical methods, including computational chemistry and mass spectrometry.  Specific projects include the study of damaged DNA, carbene reactivity, and catalysis.


GPA:  > 3.5
Course Experience: Ideally both semesters of organic though particularly strong students have started as early as freshman year

Current Undergraduate Researchers

  • Uthman Qureshi
  • Catherine Kratka

Publications with Undergraduate Co-authors

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Schulze, S. M.; Santella, N.; Grabowski, J. J., Lee, J. K.  "The Anionic Oxy-Cope Rearrangement:  Using Chemical Reactivity to Reveal the Facile Isomerization of the Parent Substrates in the Gas Phase," J. Org. Chem.  2001, 66, 7247-7253.

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