Internships at Evonik Corporation


Job Description: Evonik Corporation, located in Piscataway, NJ. Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals, and is active in over 100 countries around the world. At our Piscataway site, we have Applied Technology laboratories supporting the applications of our materials across 10 different industries. The labs are dedicated to the application of silica-based materials in consumer industries such as Food, Cosmetics, Personal and Oral Care, Pharmaceuticals and a few others. We currently have 2 student Internship/Co-op opportunities in our labs, beginning in August/September. The opportunities are for a duration of 1 year, and may be extended for another year.


We are ideally looking for students who are about to begin their Senior year in the Undergraduate program, or Masters students at the beginning of or mid-way through their program. Of course, we are not limited to these, and will consider all candidates who might be a good fit for these positions. Evonik is looking for motivated students who have had some prior experience in a lab, and can work independently after their training. Experience is not needed in any particular lab skills since all interns will be trained on them once they start. Most projects involve solving processing issues in industries, and deal with powder and liquid rheology, formulation development and testing across multiple industries and scale-up. Some students in the past have also created and managed their own independent projects with our assistance. The selected candidates will support Evonik’s efforts in the labs, receive extensive training on the required procedures and safety protocols, and gain valuable experience and insights into the technical aspects of a global specialty chemicals company.

Inquiries should be sent to:

Suhas Rao, PhD Lab Manager

Consumer Health & Nutrition

Resource Efficiency

Business Line - Silica Phone

1 732 981-5010