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Analytical Chemist -1

Analytical Chemist -1

Job Description: This professional laboratory staff position requires strong chemistry / math / laboratory / com-puter / instrumentation / communication / organizational and technical writing skills. This posi-tion is flexible in scope and open to either an entry level or lab-experienced candidate. Salary, benefits package and bonus perks are offered according to the candidate’s qualifications and previous job experience. A B.S. in Chemistry is required.


Position Responsibilities include performing all analytical test-related functions on client-submitted samples (ex. industrial / medical gases or liquids), method development when need-ed, instrument repair / maintenance when needed, R&D assignments, occasional after normal hours / weekend / holiday emergency testing – as needed plus occasional travel to customer sites for technical support. Appropriate safety / technical training / guidance and qualification requirements will be given prior to assignment of any technical activities. Additional employ-ment requirements are outlined in our Personnel Policy Manual.

The Analytical Chemist also helps to ensure that an adequate inventory of all needed supplies, support gases and calibration standards are available for the smooth, timely performance of la-boratory operations. This responsibility includes maintaining a clean, safe and efficient work environment for all laboratory staff and lab-activity conformance to SOP, federal, state and local government policies.

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