Fellowships and Awards

grad awards 2016 v1

Pictured above are the 2015 Graduate Award Winners. Congratulations!
(from top left to right): Haoyuan Chen, Huan Wang, Chenfei Zhao, Wei Liu
(from bottom left to right): Hao Wang, Supriya Atta, Claire Jarvis, Nicholas Lease, Yang Gao, Graeme Gardner
(not present): Weijie Chen, Xiaoxi Huang, Chang Min, Boning Wu

Full-time graduate (pre-doctoral) students in the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology typically receive full tuition reimbursement and highly competitive stipends in the form of teaching assistantships and graduate research assistantships. In addition, the department and the School of Graduate Studies offer several fellowships and awards in order to recognize the achievements of graduate students in research and teaching. These opportunities provide financial support for professional development, and graduate students are encouraged to apply.

In addition to fellowships from Rutgers, many federal funding agencies or private organizations offer predoctoral fellowships. Graduate students are encouraged to apply. A compilation of predoctoral fellowships can be found at the Chaser Resource Center for Graduate Student External Support.