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Welcome to the Chemistry 163 web page!

    This four-credit course is part of a two-semester sequence (Chem 163-164) designed for students who have a strong interest in chemistry and/or for those considering majoring in a science or engineering discipline requiring a strong background in chemistry.

  One year of high school level chemistry is required.  Calculus I is a pre- or corequisite.  Introduction to Experimentation (01:160:171) is a required one-credit laboratory course run separately.  It may be taken with either Chem 163 or Chem 164. Calculus II should be taken prior to or along with Chem 164.  Please CLICK HERE  to see an important message about Chem 171 Labs meeting the first weeks of class.   

    The course has lecture and recitation components.  The common lecture meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday in WL-AUD from 10:35-11:30 AM.  Two review lectures will be given on Thursday, September 1.  The first one is scheduled in the recitation time slot.  The common recitation section meets every week on Thursday for 55 minutes from about 9:15 - 10:10 AM in WL-AUD. 

    To read, download, or print any of the linked files, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader, at least version 4.0, installed on your computer.  This program can be downloaded (free) from the Adobe website.  Paper copies of the syllabus and other handouts will often be distributed in class.  The old exams are a useful guide and will be covered in lecture the day before each exam.  Exams can be accessed through Sakai.

    Attendance will be taken in lecture with the Personal Response System (PRS) and homework collected normally during the Wednesday meeting.  The first graded homework is from Lecture 4 and 5, which will be collected on Wednesday, September 14; it will be discussed and returned during recitation on Thursday, September 15.  Each lecture attended is worth 1 point (39 points maximum) and each homework lecture assignment 1 point (34 points maximum).  Details of the grading are given in the PRS link above.  In addition, there will be a number of bonus points given for unannounced lecture quizzes.  There may be web assignments (Sakai) worth additional points as well.  The course web site will be accessed through Sakai.  Old exams are available there.

    Announcements in this course will be through the course email list and/or Sakai, which I will construct from the eden or private email addresses you provide. 

  Best wishes for an enjoyable and rewarding semester!