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Analytical Chemistry

Baum, Jean

Jean BaumDistinguished Professor

Research Synopsis: Structural studies of proteins by nuclear magnetic resonance techniques

Phone: (848) 445-5254 and (848) 445-5666


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Hall, Gene

Benedetti Gene Hall v6Professor

Research Synopsis: Applied analytical chemistry, trace analysis of environmental and geological samples

Phone: (848) 445-2590


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Herzog, Gregory F.

Herzog v3Professor

Research Synopsis: Origin and evolution of solar system materials, cosmogenic radionuclides

Phone: (848) 445-3955


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Lee, Jeehiun Katherine

Jee 2013 v3Professor

Research Synopsis: Biophysical organic and analytical chemistry, computational chemistry, mass spectrometry, study of chemical reactivity, recognition, and catalysis

Phone: (848) 445-6562


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Lee, Ki-Bum

photo Kibum Lee 2rProfessor

Research Synopsis: Develop and integrate nanotechnologies and chemical functional genomics

Phone: (848) 445-2081


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Li, Jing

JingLiDistinguished Professor

Research Synopsis: Inorganic and solid-state chemistry, hybrid semiconductors and nanostructured materials, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)

Phone: (848) 445-3758


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