Gregory Dudley

January 16, 2015 - 3:30pm
Wright Rieman, Rm. 260
Organic Seminar

"New Ways To Harness Chemical Potential And Kinetic Energy"

Spring 2015 Organic Seminar Series

Speaker: Gregory Dudley
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Florida State University
Abstract: Research in the Dudley Lab is designed to further the science and practice of organic chemistry. This seminar will cover two disparate topics linked by a focus on reaction energetics. The first part will address issues and opportunities related to the enthalpic potential energy of alkynes, and it will feature “alkynogenic fragmentation” methodology that is on-going in the Dudley Lab. The second part will outline the use of microwave electromagnetic radiation to produce thermal kinetic energy needed to promote synthetic organic reactions. Organic reaction mixtures are typically heated convectively, and the physics of convective heat transfer underlies all of physical organic theory. Microwave energy, in contrast, produces heat by fundamentally different mechanisms, which need to be understood in order for us to gain maximum benefit from this new technology. On behalf of our collaborative team at FSU, I will describe a physical model for selective heating in homogeneous solution and reaction systems in which microwave-specific rate enhancements have been documented both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Poster: PDF
Host: Professor Lawrence Williams
~ Coffee/tea will be served prior to lecture ~