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Bruker 600V


Bruker 600V Specs - posted on OCTOBER 2016

Bruker 600V – Probe Z816801_0140 PA TXI 600S3 H-C/N-D-05-Z
Lineshape 0.41/3.7/7.2 Hz (spin 20Hz)
Lineshape 0.43/3.6/7.1 Hz (spin 0)
S/N EtB (2ppm) 1187.6:1
S/N EtB (200Hz) 1307:1
Sucrose S/N 335.2:1
P90 1H 7.8us @ 13.2W
P90 13C 11.8us @ 170W
P90 15N 36.3us @ 164W

Varian 600 became Bruker AVANCE III HD 600

As of October 13, 2016 the Varian 600 VNMRS console was replaced with Bruker AVANCE III HD console. The system is working good.

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